Erdinger Alkoholfrei



Great tasting non- alcoholic wheat beer and the ultimate isotonic sports drink.
Erdinger Alkoholfrei offers the perfect balance of minerals, vitamins and carbs to restore and rehydrate after a workout or a sports game. It contains Vitamin B9 and B12,
folic acid as well as the polyphenols & electrolytes for a quick recovery & nutrition boost. At only 125 kcal per 0.5-litre bottle this beer is a delicious low-calorie option packed with Flavour.

For decades, Erdinger has been a major Sponsor for top-Performing athletes in Germany and on the International stage. This beer is the 100% natural Answer to all sugar-loaded, artificially coloured ‘Sports-Drinks’ out there.

Colour: Golden cloudy colour (naturally unfiltered) with a white dense head.
Scent:  Bready, yeasty with slight hint of banana sweetness
Flavour: Fresh bread crust, malt grassy hops and yeast.

Alcohol by volume: 0.4 %