Timothy Taylor Landlord Pale Ale


Landlord is the epitome of a classic English Pale Ale.  Landlord was launched in 1952 and has won more award nationally than any other beer including winning four times the Camra Draught Supreme Champion Beer of Britain. 

Taylor's Taste is achieved by using the finest natural ingredients - our unique Knowle Spring water, the highest grade Golden Promise malted barley, whole leaf hops and our own Taylor's Taste yeast.

The brand attracted Great media attention when Madonna said in an interview that it was her favourite beer.

Colour: Amber with an off-white head. Great head retention.
Scent: Caramel, malt and flowery. The hop aromas are spicy and earthy with touches of pine and citrus.
Flavour: Clean, crisp, and roundness in flavour. Slightly sweet, summer fruits and a hoppy dryness.

Alcohol by volume: 4.4 %