Stiegl Lager


Stiegl GoldBräu - Salzburg's liquid gold

A wonderfully balanced thirst-quenching lager. Floral, grainy, malt sweetness. Well rounded initial sweetness, mildly hopped body and a superb long malt finish with a creamy soft mouth-feel. Family owned since 1492. Brewed under strict compliance with the Bavarian Purity Law of 1516 stating to only be allowed to use Water, Hops, Yeast & Malts as Ingredients.

Colour: Clear rich golden colour with a dense white head. 
Scent: Mild sweetness, light hops notes with grainy malt finish.
Flavour: Richer malt flavour compared to many lagers. Well-balanced bitterness from the hops & sweetness from the malts. Very clean, crisp finish.

Alcohol by volume: 5.1 %