Erdinger Weissbier


The Worlds most popular wheat beer.

The erdinger weissbier is the Flagship beer Of its Brewery. A fine champagne-like mouthfeel and full aroma IS CREATED during its 3-4 week long secondary fermentation in the bottle or keg. THIS TIME-CONSUMING PROCEDURE is the pride of Erdinger and has been a statement of quality sine the very beginning.

Colour: Cloudy, golden. Thick, off-white coloured fluffy head. 
Scent:  Bready, hint of cloves. 
Flavour: Clove, banana, wheat. Smooth, crisp, creamy body. Malt sweetness, wheat, mellow fruitiness, banana and pear. Light hops ride with the effervescence and clove.

Alcohol by volume: 5.3 %