Badger Fursty Ferret


UK’s #1 selling craft bottled ale! Gold Medal Winner of the British Bottlers Institute Awards and Bronze Medal Finalist in Taste of the West Food & Drink Awards, the Ferret is a bitter ale - or pale ale. brewed in the south of England at the Hall & Woodhouse Brewery that opened its Doors in Dorset in 1777.

Colour: Tawny, light golden brown
Scent: Delicate spicy hop, orange, malty
Flavour: Sweet nutty palate, hoppy aroma and hint of Seville oranges giving this Tawny amber ale its distinctive personality. Raisins, caramel, medium bodied, sweet/bitter balance with a fruity malt character. Complex, balanced, refreshing and highly sessionable!

Alcohol by volume: 4.4 %