Badger Blandford Fly Ginger Beer


The ‘Beer with a Ginger hook’ is primarily a well-rounded Ale, but offers a nice refreshing Ginger Kick at the end. Brewed with real Ginger.

This beer was nameD after the famous Blandford Fly, that has haunted the Fishermen of Blandford for decades. The tiny bites are best soothed with a fresh slice of Ginger. the Fishermen decided to not only fight the fly with external use of Ginger, but by Ingesting Ginger too. who could thinK of a better way than to add it to The beer?

Colour: Vibrant amber colour with slightly off-white head.
Scent: Ginger spice & toffee.
Flavour: Medium bodied, low bitterness with a fruity malt character and slight tangy ginger spice at the end.

Alcohol by volume: 5.2 %