Founded by Paul Verhaeghe in 1885 in the province of West French Flanders, Belgium, the small, family-owned brewery was very active up until the Great war thanks to the railway line that connected Vichte with Brussels.

Duchesse de Bourgogne, a red brown ale – or Flanders ale – is aged in oak casks and brewed according to an ancient method that is geographically linked with the province of West French Flanders. The “Duchess of Burgundy” is a mixed fermentation ale, given its fruity, sour character and fresh aftertaste from the tannins in the oak casks, where it is carefully matured for 18 months.

The name of the beer is in honour of Duchess Mary of Burgundy, who resigned the vast and vastly wealthy Burgundian domains in France and the Low Countries (Netherlands, Belgium) from 1477 until she died tragically after being thrown from her horse.

6.2% ABV