Delirium Tremens

Delirium Tremens is a triple-fermented, Belgian golden ale with a dense head, fruity bouquet, 3 different yeast strains and an 8.5% ABV, balancing out to a beautifully complex beer.

In spite of being bottle conditioned, Delirium Tremens is a very bright beer recommended as an aperitif or paired with dark breads, cheese and crackers.

Delirium Tremens is an award winning beer most famously elected as the ‘Best Beer in the World’ by beer writer Stuart A. Kallen.

Kallen offered this praise in his famous review of the Pink Elephant:

“The name Delirium Tremens speaks for itself. Words simply cannot describe the intricate flavour of this beer, but that won’t stop me from trying. The color is golden and the head creamy and light. The first sip warms my throat and belly like an old woodstove does a log cabin. It’s lightly hopped and surprisingly malty for such an airy, sunshiny beer. The aftertaste is fruity, almost cherry. A warming alcoholic glow works its way down the throat to the stomach. This beer must be sipped slowly so you can revel in each sweet drop. Delirium Tremens has a big body, a rich mouth feel, and a long sweet aftertaste.”


  • Wicked Ale


  • Hops- Saaz (Czech) and Styrians (Austria)
  • Fermented with 3 different yeast cultures.


  • 8.5% ABV