At the heart of many a countryside village can be found an inn, a place where locals go to relax after a long day. At the idyllic inn of Miss Rose Gribble, legend has it that inquisitive ferrets would sneak to the back door to cheekily sample the inn’s reputed brew. Thus, the Fursty Ferret was born.

Hall & Woodhouse was founded in 1777 in the heart of the Dorset countryside in England by a Mr.Charles Hall. Still family run, Hall and Woodhouse is brewing today under the name Badger Brewery, the Fursty Ferret its front piece. Combining hops and malted barley with pure spring water filtered naturally through Cretaceous chalk downs of Dorset.

Fursty Ferret has a sweet, nutty palate with a hoppy aroma and a hint of Seville oranges. Gold Medal Winner of the British Bottlers Institute Awards and Bronze Medal Finalist in Taste of the West Food & Drink Awards, the Ferret is a bitter ale – or pale ale – at 4.4% ABV.

Other Badger Brands available in Western Canada: Blanford Flyer Ginger Beer, Tangle Foot Golden Ale