Established in 1074, Affligem Abbey is the oldest abbey in the Flanders region of Belgium. Brewing at the abbey was undertaken by lay staff up until the French Revolution.

During the First World War the Germans requisitioned the copper vats and the abbey brewery was forced to close its doors. In 1920 the abbey purchased new vats and resumed brewing their signature abbey ales.

In 1970 the monks entrusted Affligem Brewery with the mission of brewing the abbey beer off-site according to Formula Antiqua Renovata: the authentic recipe developed for modern brewing.

The production of Affligem currently resides in the Flemish village of Opwijk. Affligem beer is still brewed with the original recipe and same sincere devotion and commitment to quality and tradition.

The iconic Affligem chalice glass is a nod to its sacred origins and serves to enhance the characteristics of Affligem’s award winning beers.