McClelland Premium Imports Brings Authentic European Beers To Ontario

One of only four Canadians to be dubbed a Beer Knight by the Belgian Brewers Association, McClelland Premium Imports (MPI) founder Guy McClelland will be sampling several world class beers at the Ottawa Wine & Food Festival, which runs from November 9-11, 2012.

He will be bringing beers from some of Europe’s oldest and most respected breweries including Erdinger Weissbräu and Affligem Brouweij. I had the chance to chat with Mr. McClelland about the brands he will be sampling at the show and the import business in general. I’ll also briefly review the beers in his company’s Ontario retail portfolio.

Guy McClelland was involved in the early days of importing beer into Canada in the 1990s. He worked for the fledgling import branch of one of Canada’s largest breweries and was heavily involved in the launch of a popular Belgian beer you have undoubtedly heard of.

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