Gluten Free Beer Can’t Technically be Called “Beer”… Or Can It?..

If it looks like a beer, smells like a beer, and tastes like a beer, well it must be beer! Not necessarily the case. And on two fronts. Beer is the most recent consumable product that is starting to see significant attention by the gluten intolerant community. The problem with the term “gluten-free beer” is that in order to make it you cannot use malted barley – which is loaded with gluten. But if you aren’t using some form of malted barley then the beverage technically cannot be called beer. At least not in Canada. Not right now. I think the real problem though lies beyond these bureaucratic rules and regulations and in the fact that very few beers that are made without barley in order to be gluten free don’t actually taste like beer. They may look like beer, and sometimes smell like beer, but no, they don’t taste like beer. And that is where the market has some room to grow; creating gluten-free, or gluten-reduced beers that are actually beer.

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