BeeryTale: the story of Gambrinus the King of Beer

MPIKings, knights, monks -beer is a noble and sacred business.

To reflect our beers’ unique histories and the European reverence for brewing, our logo features Jan Gambrinus the mythical “King of Beer” and “Patron Saint of Brewers.”

Gambrinus the legend:

Here are some tall tales that have made Gambrinus famous:

  • He received the gift of beer directly from the Egyptian fertility goddess Isis
  • In medieval times he loaned his soul to the devil for 30 years to learn the art and process of brewing
  • He outwitted his opponent in a challenge to lift an impossibly heavy beer cask by first drinking the beer then triumphantly lifted the empty cask
  • During a three-day banquet he drank mug after mug of foamy beer and he was
    known forever after as the King of Beer

Gambrinus the man:

  • It’s also believed Gambrinus was real historical figure- Jan Primus.
  • Jan Primus was the Flemish name for Duke Jean I, the son of Henri III and Alix
    of Burgundy
  • Born in 1210, he inherited both the duchies of Brabant and Lorraine
  • He laid down the foundations for Brabant’s brewing industry by allowing the deputy mayors of Brussels the right to grant licenses for brewing and selling beer
  • He was also the honorary President of the Brussels Brewers’ Guild
  • The Knighthood of the Brewers Mash Staff in Belgium pays tribute to Gambrinus, the “King of Beer” every year in a series of festivities