4 Steps to the Perfect Erdinger Weissbier Pour

Have you mastered the art of drinking the perfect Erdinger Weissbier pint at your favourite pub? Now learn the proper pouring technique to enjoy the world’s most popular wheat beer at home!

To master the perfect Erdinger pour follow these 4 simple steps.

Remember a great Erdinger pour begins with proper refrigeration and storage. Always store your Erdinger bottles in a vertical position in your fridge. If the bottle is stored flat, the yeast can slide down when the bottle is opened, causing a sudden release of carbon dioxide and too much froth when pouring the beer. And that can ruin your whole wheat beer enjoyment!

    1. First rinse the glass in cold, clear water. Never put wheat beer glasses into the dishwasher – traces of aggressive detergent on the glass will make even the frothiest head collapse.
    1. Hold the glass at a slight angle and pour the beer slowly along the side of the glass. Don’t empty the bottle though – leave about an inch of beer at the bottom.
    1. Gently swirl the bottle to agitate the yeast at the bottom of the bottle and mix with the remaining beer. The yeast is an essential part of the pour and gives Erdinger Weissbier its distinct flavour.
  1. Finish pouring the remaining beer into your wheat beer glass. The yeast is now evenly distributed throughout the glass and helps form the perfect frothy head.